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Rain on the Roof Causes Leaks in the Basement, Foundation Damage

Dec 9, 2013 • By Matthew Stock.

Rain On Roof

There are loads of songs, poems and stories about the glories of the rain.  Artists have expressed their joy at walking in it, singing in it, dancing in it – among other things.

The sounds of raindrops on the roof or on the window pane have been equally romanticized and of course we all know that rain makes the grass green and the flowers grow.

Many homeowners, though, don’t have any idea just how much water lands on their roofs when rain falls and generally even a foggier conception of where all that water goes.  It usually comes as a surprise just how much water a one-inch rain drops on even a small, 1000-square-foot section of roof and the amounts that end up on the ground around the house can be mind-boggling.

Please watch the following brief video to see basement waterproofing expert Barry Schilling explain how to calculate the amount of rain that falls on the average roof and how much each downspout on the average home discharges.

Barry also illustrates just where all that water ends up and what the surprising results can be.

Even the lightest rainfall can produce a lot of water and when all that water ends up in a home’s basement, or begins to wreak havoc on the home’s foundation, the homeowner needs help.  At U.S. Waterproofing, our experts in basement waterproofing and foundation repair have the befit of our company’s 56 years of experience and can not only fix the damage caused by rain water but can help a homeowner manage water outside his or her home so it doesn’t happen again.

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