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Jerry S. Stock recognized as one of 30 top area entrepreneurs

UIC Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame award

U.S. Waterproofing & Construction Company’s President Jerry S. Stock has been named to the Chicago-area UIC Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame which recognizes innovators and leaders in the region. Each year, distinguished entrepreneurs who have demonstrated entrepreneurial talent by founding and/or growing a business in the Chicago area are inducted, and fewer than 30 individuals are selected for this honor on an annual basis.

Consideration for this honor is given to those individuals who have founded a business, coped with past and/or present growth in sales, generated employment, inspired innovation, enhanced profitability, and contributed to an industry, the community and society.

“By highlighting outstanding entrepreneurs, we recognize excellence and encourage business leaders, students and government officials to honor the entrepreneurial spirit,” said Gerry Hills, Executive Director of the University of Illinois at Chicago Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies. “Jerry Stock exemplifies this spirit and leads his company, a basement waterproofer, with this mindset to continue to grow and innovate.”

Established in 1957, U.S. Waterproofing remains family owned and to-date has assisted more than 200,000 customers to ensure their basements are dry and free of seepage. U.S. Waterproofing serves residential and business owners in Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana and Southern Wisconsin.

The company’s Commercial Division has developed innovative techniques for problem solving and has worked closely with manufacturers to provide specialized materials. This division has applied creative solutions to vaults, elevator pits, parking garages, water treatment plants, swimming pools, commercial and retail facilities, banks, schools, churches, government buildings and hospitals.

Stock joined the company after graduating from college and assumed his father’s ownership share when he retired in 1980. He became president in 1991. The company has served more than 200,000 customers since its inception and has grown each year since then. Today, more than 80 people are employed by U.S. Waterproofing.

“I am sincerely honored and delighted to receive this award,” said Stock. “While I realize that the award is designed for an individual entrepreneur, the company is a third-generation family business and I must give credit to our management team, which acts as a whole in setting policy and direction as we achieve our company goals. A team effort is truly necessary to be successful in today’s competitive environment.”

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