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3 Secrets of Wet Basement Waterproofing in Valparaiso IN 46383, 46385

Apr 10, 2014 • By Matthew Stock.

Valpo Redenbacher

Valparaiso IN had its first European settler in 1834 when a log cabin was built in a wooded area in what was then known as Porterville.  Three years later, the community took the name Valparaiso in honor of its original namesake, Commodore David Porter, who commanded a ship in a famous naval battle in the War of 1812 in the harbor of Valparaiso, Chile.

It is a different public figure, though, who became a famed representative of Valparaiso in the 20th century and also represented one of the area’s significant industries.  Born in Brazil, IN, Orville Redenbacher established his popcorn company at a seed corn farm just outside Valparaiso and became nationally famous as the TV spokesman for his product.  Valparaiso holds an annual Popcorn Festival every September and erected a statue of Redenbacher that depicts him in his trademark horn-rimmed glasses and bow tie.

Today, roughly 30,000 people live in Valparaiso in nearly 12,000 homes, almost three-quarters of which were built prior to 1980.  Homeowners in Valparaiso are dealing with the maintenance and repair issues common to aging homes everywhere and many are discovering a need for wet basement waterproofing.

3 Secrets of Wet Basement Waterproofing in Valparaiso

Just like homes in nearby Crown Point and Merrillville, homes that need wet basement waterproofing in Valaparaiso are diagnosed and have repairs recommended on a case-by-case basis but there are 3 repair approaches known to basement waterproofing experts that will cover almost every situation.

Exterior Waterproofing – Homes with concrete block foundations, like many in Valparaiso, can seep water through deteriorated mortar joints or porous blocks; poured concrete foundations can admit water through porous spots or over the top of the wall.  Either type of foundation can be sealed permanently by installing an exterior waterproofing membrane, a thick coating of asphalt-modified polyurethane applied to the foundation wall with a trowel to form an impermeable barrier.

When ground water is high, as it is in many northwest Indiana communities, the membrane can be supplemented with exterior drain tile and heavy-duty drainage board that protects the membrane and channels water downward.

Interior Drain TileHydrostatic pressure under a foundation can force water into a basement through cracks in the floor or the cove joint between wall and floor.  Installing interior drain tile, a system of perforated pipe that is buried in a bed of washed gravel under the basement floor, will ease the pressure and carry ground water off to a sump pump for removal.  Properly installed, interior drain tile is maintenance-free.

Crack Repair – In poured concrete foundations, the most common source of seepage is a non-structural crack in a basement wall.  These cracks are best repaired by injecting them with expanding polyurethane to fill and seal the crack all the way to outside soil.  The polyurethane remains flexible after it has cured to prevent minor foundation movement from causing the crack to re-open.

If the crack is inaccessible from the inside it can be repaired on the exterior with sodium bentonite clay.  A small hole is dug next to the foundation at the site of the crack and filled with the granular clay, which absorbs water from the soil to form a permanent water barrier on the “positive side.”

Regardless of the type of seepage or recommended repair, a Valparaiso homeowner in need of wet basement waterproofing will require the advice and assistance of a professional basement waterproofing contractor.  At U.S. Waterproofing, we’ve been keeping basements dry all over the Chicago and northwest Indiana area since our founding in 1957 and have more than 300,000 satisfied customers to our credit.  Why not ask for our free advice?

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