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Wauconda, Illinois Basement Waterproofing

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Wauconda Basement Waterproofing

C.C. from Wauconda

To Whom it May Concern:

I called your office about this matter a week or so ago, but I wanted to follow it up in writing so you can show it to the BBB and win another Torch Award.

I have had water seepage in my basement in one area for a few years. Last December when we had that snow and quick thaw, the dam broke and water started coming in all the walls. I didn’t know what to do, I only had the strength to vacuum up small amounts, and it just kept coming. My son came over and discarded anything on the floor that was destroyed and I just lived with the water for months on end, avoiding the basement except for laundry.

Being a widow with very limited funds, I tried to keep ignoring it, but soon I had moldy walls, etc. Everyone told me that I needed to replace my drain tiles, so I called for estimates. Three companies came out and quoted me $4500 for inside tile installation. The fourth one suggested outside replacement for $6,000. All would mean going further into debt for that amount of money.

The other person who came out was your Mr. Brad Hironimus. As soon as he got to the bottom of the stairs he stated that this was not from broken drain tiles, but from an improperly installed sump pump. I showed it to him, and the water that was close to the top of the hole, and he said, “This is your problem. You shouldn’t have more than a couple of inches of water in the sump hole.” Because it was so full, the water was being forced through the walls. He gave me an estimate for a new sump pump that would keep the pit empty. I mentioned this to some other contractors and they pooh-poohed that idea. Only one conceded that it might have ‘a one per cent’ chance of working.

I could not imagine why Brad would recommend that avenue if he wasn’t sure of it. He could very well have lied like the others and given me a high estimate for drain tiles. So, I figured try the pump first; the worst that could happen was a new sump pump. I am embarrassed to admit that I had a plumber friend install it instead of your company, but I have to tell you that after years of leaking and six months of trauma, that cleared up the whole problem! I had no idea that my sump wasn’t working properly.

My son has had to tear down all the walls down there and clean everything with bleach. It was a mess, but now it is dry! With all the heavy rain we’ve had, not a drop. You have no idea how many times I’ve said, “God bless Brad Hironimus, and an honest company.” Tell the BBB and Angie’s List that your company is #1 in my book, and I will tell anyone that wants to know! A million thanks.

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