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Crawl Space Encapsulation

Installing a concrete floor is one way to isolate your home from increased mold, radon and humidity levels associated with an exposed dirt / gravel crawl space. Another more economical approach is to encapsulate your crawl space with a Crawl Space Liner.

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Our ComfortCrawl System consists of two unique products. The walls are treated with our specialized radiant reflective insulation which lowers energy costs and retards future mold growth. To cover the dirt / gravel floor, we install a 20 mil. reinforced polyethylene vapor barrier. It is extremely durable and puncture resistant as it is 300-600% thicker than a standard plastic vapor barrier a typical builder would install. All seams are sealed air tight with our specialized high strength tape. Our ComfortCrawl System is an ideal and economical choice to brighten up and encapsulate your once dark, damp and uninviting crawl space.

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