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Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcement

When the soil outside your home becomes saturated with water, it begins to swell, causing pressure against your foundation walls. If this pressure becomes too great, cracks can develop allowing the wall to move inward.

Carbon Fiber repair is done on the interior of your basement with no excavation required. The process is completed quickly with minimal disruption. Carbon fiber can be used on walls that have not undergone more than two inches of inward movement. The straps are installed in strategic locations. Typically, they’re installed about five feet apart.

Carbon fiber is one of the world’s strongest materials — it has been used for years in applications ranging from bridges to airplanes. Carbon fiber absolutely won’t stretch or break, which prevents the cracks from widening or the wall from moving farther inward.  When making foundation repairs with carbon fiber, it is also necessary to take steps to manage the water outside your foundation. Moving water from downspouts or sump pump discharges away from your house should prevent the recurrence of oversaturation. We also have the ability to push the wall back to its original position for an additional cost.

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