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Better Basement AprilAire System

April Aire System humidity control

Improve Your Environment:

Breathing clean, dry air is essential to your good health. Unfortunately contaminants such as pollen, plant spores and pet dander are all too common in our air and can degrade the quality of life for those who are sensitive to them. You can’t easily purify the air outside, but you now have a powerful way to clean the air inside your home thanks to the Better Basement AprilAire® System that removes any of the common contaminants found in homes today.

More Comfortable Living:

The E.P.A. recommends that Relative Humidity be controlled to less than 60% in order to reduce the growth of mold. The advanced on-board humidity sensing of the Better Basement Aprilaire® System does this for you by constantly monitoring the moisture from the air to maintain the Relative Humidity comfort setting you select.

Lighter, smaller yet more powerful than other home dehumidifiers that cost much more, Better Basement Aprilaire® System also comes with a variety of connection and control options to adapt it to your preferred home environment.

So when you’re ready to make a substantial improvement in the quality of your home and health, turn to the Better Basement AprilAire® System as a significant first steps.


  • Commercial strength dehumidification and air purification in a residential unit
  • Automatic digital control panel on unit or optional remote humidistat available
  • Washable 8 MERV air filter traps dust mites, pollen and other contaminants
  • Removes up to 9 gallons of moisture daily with 3,000 square feet coverage
  • Energy Star efficiency saves electricity
  • Operates at 55db which is quieter than a person-to-person conversation
  • 5 Year ‘bumper to bumper’ warranty

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