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Sump Pump Problems

A sump pump is an electric device that is installed at the bottom of a sump basin (pit) below the floor. Its purpose is to pump rainwater that has been drained from an Exterior or Interior Drain Tile System to a suitable discharge location.

You may also have what is called an ejector pump in your basement. It is designed to pump sewage to an overhead sewer or septic field. It should have two pipes coming out of a sealed cover. One pipe is the pump discharge to the sewer and the second is a vent usually going out through the roof. If you are experiencing any problems with an ejector pump, we recommend contacting a licensed plumber.

Not all homes are built with a sump pump. Some homes have an Exterior Drain Tile System connected directly to the sewer. This is more commonly found in older homes.

Most sump pumps have a life span of 5 to 10 years. Whether you’re replacing your existing system or installing a new system, we have a full line of both Primary Sump Pumps and Battery Operated Back Up Sump Pumps. U.S. Waterproofing is an expert fixing all types of sump pump problems.


Primary Sump Pumps

Being in the basement waterproofing business for over 55 years, we have seen and tested just about every sump pump being sold today. We have found Zoeller’s cast iron series of sump pumps to be the most reliable, capable and efficient pumps available on the market.

Most sump pumps have an average life span of 5 to 10 years. Over a long enough period, it will fail and generally without warning. We can replace your existing sump pump—or if you house isn’t equipped with one—install a brand new system complete with a sealed basin and high water alarm to alert you to any potential problems.

U.S. Waterproofing is the sump pump installation expert.

Learn more about Primary Sump Pumps


Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Primary sump pumps are powered by your home’s electrical service. When this service is interrupted, which commonly occurs during heavy rain storms, your basement drainage system continues to collect storm water and overflows into your basement.

We offer a complete lineup of emergency sump pumps, manufactured exclusively for U.S Waterproofing.  All pumps are designed to operate using a maintenance-free, AGM gel-cell battery capable of pumping water for several hours until the power is restored.

Our Lineup of Exclusive Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Logo Boss 2100

Best-in-Class DC Pump

Better than the big box brands. No assembly required.
The economical, reliable solution for protecting your basement.

Logo Boss 3100

Professional Grade AC/DC System

World-class power. Uncompromising quality.
A reliable, professional-grade system that is built to last, no matter what the weather has in store.

Logo Boss 4000Deluxe

Next Generation Dual Pump Technology

The future has arrived.
A complete primary and secondary sump pump in one system. Two pumps alternately run throughout the year, maximizing both pump and battery life.

BOSS Systems

BOSS Systems Overview

Learn more about Battery Backup Sump Pumps.

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