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Foundation Wall Crack

Foundation wall cracks are the most common source of seepage in poured concrete foundations. They are caused most frequently by stress, settling or shrinkage during the concrete’s curing process.

In general, most cracks are hairline (less than 1/8” wide) and run vertically or diagonally from the top of the foundation wall down to the bottom. They also go all the way through the wall which is why they leak. In the event your foundation walls are covered by paneling or drywall, our Basement Advisor can usually locate the crack(s) on the exterior if the top of the foundation wall is exposed above the ground level.

We offer crack repair solutions from both the exterior and interior. Our Basement Advisor will recommend the best method of repair based on site conditions.

Most cracks do not pose structural concerns. The ones that do tend to be wider than 1/8”, run horizontally or stair step into the mortar of the above grade exterior brickwork. Other common signs include a buckled / bowed foundation wall (see Wall Bracing), a sinking foundation, drywall cracks and upstairs doors and windows that tend to stick or not close easily.


Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation wall cracks can be repaired from the interior or exterior. If the basement is unfinished (no drywall or paneling) and the crack is exposed on the interior, we’ll typically recommend our Epoxy / Urethane Injection Process. This is a two step process which involves sealing the crack on its inside face with an epoxy paste and injecting a urethane resin which fills the entire crack to the outside soil.

If the crack is obstructed by paneling or drywall, we can address the problem from the exterior utilizing our Wall-Clay process. This involves coring a small hole in the earth at the crack location and filling the hole with a granular clay to form an impermeable water barrier.

Both foundation crack repair processes are minimally invasive and time proven to be equally effective.  They also come with a transferable lifetime warranty to the homeowner.

Most foundation wall cracks do not pose any structural concerns. Certain crack pattern formations and those wider than 1/8”, however, can be a sign of a structural problem that should be further evaluated.

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