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Historic Home in Highland Park, IL

U.S. Waterproofing was hired to design and install a replacement drainage system for an approximately 100-year-old house in Highland Park, Illinois. The house is on a large lot close to Lake Michigan and was in very bad repair. The house exhibited signs of significant leaking through and below the brick foundation walls. The new owner wanted to restore the home to its original beauty and to put on an addition. The basement was to be finished and it had to be dry.

It was agreed that three things had to be addressed:

  1. Drainage around the house; there was no functioning system
  2. Hydrostatic pressure inside the basement
  3. Leaking through the brick walls

The entire perimeter of the house was excavated down to the footing and the walls cleaned. One coat of bitumen modified polyurethane was trowel applied to the entire foundation including the new concrete addition. Once this membrane was cured, a 4 inch perforated drain tile with filter fabric was placed alongside the footing and embedded in washed stone.

A 6 inch PVC unperforated pipe was placed in the same trench to serve as a storm sewer for roof drainage. 11 PVC stubs were connected to the 6 inch pipe and brought to grade to permit the builder to attach new downspouts later. Also connected to the system was a large catch basin at the rear of the yard in front of the garages. The drain tile and sump pump discharges were also connected to the 6 inch pipe. The 6 inch pipe was brought to an existing large catch basin near the street which emptied into the municipal storm sewer. The 6 inch system totaled 330 feet in length.

Prior to backfilling, ThermaDrain® Insulated Drainage Board was attached to the walls. This is a multi-function product: Plastic drainage board provides a clear path for ground water to reach the drain tile, thereby eliminating hydrostatic pressure on the foundation walls. Filter fabric prevents silt and sand from clogging the system. It protects the membrane during the backfill and the laminated Dow Styrofoam™ provides excellent thermal insulation.

An interior drain tile system was installed below the basement floor to relieve hydrostatic pressure. A 4” perforated plastic drain tile was embedded in washed stone alongside the inside of the footing. The drain tile was connected to two new sump basins. Once the work was completed, the contractor poured a complete new concrete floor slab. High capacity sump pumps were installed in the new basins and connected to the exterior storm drain line.

The desired results were achieved. The homeowner was assured of a dry basement suitable for any use and lot drainage was no longer a problem.

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