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G. D. Searle Laboratories

The G. D. Searle Laboratories is a large campus consisting of several buildings in Skokie, Illinois. Renovation projects often occur simultaneously, involving multiple contractors. U.S. Waterproofing Co. has successfully completed several jobs for both the general contractors and the owner over a period of more than ten years.

Recently a contractor, Novak Construction, called us to help them with a problem in the Metrology Lab. This laboratory has a controlled atmosphere and the humidity level at times was so high as to force closing down the operation. Moisture, not water, was coming up through the concrete slab to such an extent that it raised the vinyl floor tile. The owner wanted to reduce moisture and to make some plumbing changes as part of the project.

After our consultation, Novak Construction saw-cut a rectangle in the slab and removed the concrete. The new piping was installed and the concrete replaced. U.S. Waterproofing Co. then drilled a series of holes through the new concrete and injected a hydrophobic polyurethane into the soil below it to a depth of one foot. This created an impermeable mass, which would not permit water to pass through. After the holes were patched, the new slab edges were sealed by injection under high pressure to make absolutely certain that there would be no moisture.

The project has been a complete success and we have recently been asked to bid on some additional work.

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