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Interior drain tile system prevents basement flooding during “100-year” rainstorm

The only house on the block that didn’t flood during this amazing storm was the Sansone residence, where U.S. Waterproofing had

U.S. Waterproofing’s work kept the Sansone family’s Highland, Indiana residence dry during one of the worst rainstorms that the area has experienced in years. The Sansone’s hired U.S. Waterproofing to install a full-house interior drain tile system in December of 2002 after their basement had flooded twice, causing serious damage the second time. Their decision paid off during the September 2006 storm, which dropped more than five inches of water on Highland in a single day.

“They called it the 100-year storm,” explained Mike Sansone. “It was one of those days when you just keep waiting for it [the rain] to stop, but instead I watched the water go over the curb and then the sidewalk, moving closer and closer to the house. My neighbor came over and told me he already had six inches of water in his basement. He didn’t believe me when I said I didn’t have any.”

In 2002, the Sansones had a full-house interior drain tile system installed, which required U.S Waterproofing to create a trench in the floor around the perimeter of the house and insert a perforated drainage pipe and sump pump system. With this system, as water rises from the ground, it flows through the pipe into the sump pit, which is then pumped harmlessly into the back yard. In addition, the system included a special Cove Molding at the base of the walls. Any water seeping into the hollow block wall continuously drains into the molding and then into the drain system.

“We wanted to make sure that the basement never flooded again,” said Sansone. “We considered U.S. Waterproofing and one other company, but U.S. Waterproofing’s Basement Advisor was really personable and put things in terms we could understand. He also explained a few different options. Even though the underground drain-tile option we chose was more expensive, it seemed more effective than the above-the-floor solution proposed by the other company.”

The Sansones made the right choice. The drain tile system has held up ever since it was installed. In contrast, at the end of the September 2006 rainstorm, Sansone and his neighbor walked around the neighborhood to assess the damage. Numerous residents on the block reported up to a foot of water in their basements. Ruined carpeting and other drenched furnishings were piled in countless driveways awaiting the trash collector. The Sansones didn’t experience any flooding at all.

“If we ever decide to sell our house, we have to be open about the past flooding situations,” explained Amy Sansone. “U.S. Waterproofing’s transferable warranty really sealed the deal for me. By choosing U.S. Waterproofing I can say, ˜Yes, we experienced flooding problems twice. Here’s what we did about it. We haven’t had any flooding since then. And, here’s a transferable warranty on the system in case you have any problems down the road.’”

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