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Why Zoeller Sump Pumps Are the Best for Northwest Indiana Homeowners

Nov 8, 2012 • By Matthew Stock.

Anyone who’s ever owned a home in northwest Indiana, or anywhere else for that matter, knows the importance of a sump pump.  It’s the heart of any basement waterproofing system – you can have the best drain tile system in the world but if it flows to a sump pump that fails to get the water out of the home, it’s worthless.

As with most other home improvement products, there is are many choices of sump pumps available to the northwest Indiana homeowner and they vary considerably by construction, performance and price.  You can buy them in a big box store, from a basement waterproofing contractor or, like anything else these days, online.

But how do you know which one’s the best sump pump?

Zoeller Sump Pumps have been Proven in Laboratory Tests and in Northwest Indiana Basements

After extensive testing and having installed thousands of sump pumps, we recommend Zoeller sump pumps without reservation.  The Zoeller Company is the oldest independently owned pump company in the United States and has been making high-quality sump pumps since 1939.  All their products go through rigorous testing and represent the state-of-the-art in sump pump design.

For example, let’s look at the Zoeller Model 98, a terrific submersible primary sump pump for almost any home in northwest Indiana.

This Zoeller sump pump is made of rugged cast iron, which is not only durable but helps to dissipate heat from the ½ horsepower electric motor; keeping the motor from overheating will prolong its useful life.  Additionally, the cast iron housing cuts down on pump noise and there are no sheet metal parts to rust or corrode.

Like most Zoeller sump pumps, the Model 98 uses a proprietary float switch, featuring a solid float to eliminate the possibility of it filling with water.  The float switch also features beefy construction with a metal protective bracket that will prevent the float from jamming against the wall of the sump basin.

One major problem with lesser sump pumps is clogging, usually caused by debris accumulating on the screens used by other manufacturers for filtration.  Zoeller sump pumps incorporate filtration into the cast-iron housing and can safely pass solids as large as one-half inch, eliminating clogs and jamming.

The best thing about the Zoeller Model 98 may be its capacity, which ensures your basement will be kept dry during even the heaviest of storms.  The Model 98 is rated for 61 gallons-per-minute at a 10-foot head, meaning the height to which the water must be pumped to be discharged from your basement.  Ten feet is a very common head height, representing an eight-foot deep basement with a two-foot sump basin.

With those features, construction and dependability, it’s easy to see why the Zoeller Model 98 is the choice for many northwest Indiana homeowners.  At U.S. Waterproofing, we install Zoeller sump pumps as our first choice because we believe in offering only products that are as good as our service.  We’ve installed thousands of sump pumps, many of them in northwest Indiana, so why not ask for a free consultation with one of our sump pump experts in your home?

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