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Why Your House Does Not Have an Interior Drain Tile System

Feb 24, 2012 • By Matthew Stock.

Why Your House Does Not Have an Interior Drain Tile System

It is common practice for most builders to install drain tile along the exterior foundation of the building.  It is commonly referred to as a footing tile or a french drain.  Its purpose is to help drain water from the soil, reducing your chances of a future basement seepage problem.  Most builders do not, however, include drain tile inside the basement underneath your concrete floor.

Here are the top 4 reasons why installing Interior Drain Tile is not a standard practice during original construction:

1. Philosophy

The majority of builders believe an Exterior Drain Tile System by itself is sufficient.  Sometimes they are right.  But with all due respect, they are sometimes proven wrong.  When water pressure builds beneath your basement floor, the footing can obstruct the water’s pathway to your Exterior Drain Tile.  Water always takes the path of least resistance, which can result in seepage through your basement floor (either through floor cracks or the cove joint). 

2.  Building Codes

Most city and village codes do not require an Interior Drain Tile System.  Furthermore, architects rarely include Interior Drain Tile in their specifications. 

3.  Costs

Builders must keep a close eye on their labor and material costs.  Anything that doesn’t increase the likelihood of selling the house is subject to elimination.  What sells better – sparkling new granite countertops or an Interior Drain Tile System that no one sees?

4.  Warranty

Most builders offer limited warranties on a new home (usually one year).  Anything beyond that and you are on your own.  It can take years for a basement seepage problem to fully develop. 

The basement waterproofing industry wouldn’t exist today if Exterior Drain Tile solved all foundation seepage issues.  That doesn’t mean an Interior Drain Tile System is always required.

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