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Why You Should Read a Blog by a Basement Waterproofing Contractor

Sep 14, 2012 • By Matthew Stock with Herb Blackmon.

Why You Should Read a Blog by a Basement Waterproofing Contractor

I know, it seems unnecessary to explain why it’s good to read articles about basement waterproofing to someone who’s reading an article about basement waterproofing, but hear me out, please.

I’ve been in the basement waterproofing business for a long time.  I’ve seen many changes – better materials, more efficient methods, more homes with decent water protection in their original construction.  One thing hasn’t changed, however – most homeowners are pretty much in the dark about why their basement leaks and how to fix it.

Why Learning about Basement Waterproofing Solutions is Good for the Homeowner

Let’s face it, there are only two reasons why anyone would care about basement waterproofing:  1) you work in the industry, or 2) your basement leaks. (If you’re in the business and don’t already know this stuff, shame on you.)  Assuming you have, or have had, water in your basement, here are some reasons why you should educate yourself about our business:

Know What to Expect – What’s going to happen when I call the basement waterproofing company?  Who’s going to come to my house?  What questions will they ask; what will they tell me?  These are all good questions and if you can answer them ahead of time you will be in a much better position to work with a basement advisor to determine the source of your water problems and how best to repair them.

Understand the Possible Problems and Solutions – If you already know that your concrete block foundation is prone to cracks in the mortar joints, for example, you aren’t likely to be surprised or doubtful when the basement advisor points out a number of cracks as the source of your seepage.  And, if you know that block foundations can’t be repaired by crack injection you won’t wonder why he doesn’t suggest the same repair your friend had done to his poured concrete foundation.

Have a General Idea of Cost – Although prices are usually specific to a given situation, it is clear that some solutions are less costly than others.  If you know, for example, that it costs more to install exterior drain tile than interior drain tile because of the excavation work required, you can make a better decision on waterproofing your basement.

Why an Educated Customer is Better for Basement Waterproofing Contractors

There used to be a chain of clothing stores that had the slogan, “An Educated Consumer is our Best Customer.”  They’re no longer around so maybe they won’t mind if I borrow their idea to explain how the more you know, the better we in the industry like it.

Most people will encounter basement seepage problems only once or twice in a lifetime.  Some never will.  So, even the savviest of homeowners probably doesn’t know much about basement water problems and their solutions. 

If you, Mr. or Ms. Homeowner, don’t have a basic knowledge of how and why your basement is wet, it’s more difficult for us in the waterproofing industry to educate you about your problem when we’re standing in your basement or out in your yard.  In order for you to feel comfortable with the solution and the accompanying costs and inconvenience, you need to know that you’re doing the right thing for your home and spending your money wisely.

Also, if you have a basic understanding of your seepage problem and the solutions available to fix it, you’re more likely to choose the right basement waterproofing company.  You’ll know when you’re being given an honest appraisal and estimate and you’ll know when you’re getting a sales pitch.

Our company, U.S. Waterproofing is on a mission to educate customers so that they better understand how a basement waterproofing company can help them.   Once you’ve read the articles that pertain to your problem, please ask for free advice from one of our basement advisors.

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