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Who Can Repair a Cracked Foundation in Chicago?

Feb 15, 2013 • By Matthew Stock with Barry Schilling.

Who Can Repair a Cracked Foundation in Chicago?


So, you’ve spotted a crack, or maybe a few cracks in your basement walls.  You’re not sure how long they’ve been there and they don’t look too serious, so you stash them in your mental “to worry about later” file.

Fast forward a month or so and you wander into the basement again, except that it’s been raining on and off for a week and now there’s water on the floor below those cracks.  Or maybe it’s another hot, dry summer like 2012 and you’d swear those cracks have gotten wider.

Later just became now, but where do you get help?  You need a professional, but what kind of pro is best to fix a cracked foundation in Chicago?

Your Chicago Cracked Foundation is Seeping Water

So, the cracks in your foundation haven’t gotten any wider but they are allowing water to seep into your basement, which had always been dry up until now.  At first, you’re tempted to try to fix it yourself, maybe with hydraulic cement or caulk, but you realize your track record as a do-it-yourselfer isn’t so good.  (Remember the leak under the sink?)

So, you need to call “the guy.”  Maybe that handyman who rebuilt your porch stairs last summer – or maybe not.  Most handymen, skilled though they may be, aren’t equipped to do basement waterproofing the right way.

OK, what about the contractor who put the addition on the neighbor’s house or – wait, it’s water, right?  I’ll call the plumber!  Not so fast.  General contractors build things; that’s their job.  Plumbers install and repair pipe and fixtures; that’s their job.  Neither of these professionals has the skills, equipment and materials to permanently repair seeping cracks in your foundation.

So, who ya gonna call?  A basement waterproofing contractor!  Only a basement waterproofing professional has the skills and experience to properly diagnose a problem with basement seepage and the expertise, tools and materials to repair it permanently and cost-effectively.  A full-service basement waterproofing company will be able to diagnose and repair any seepage problem, regardless of whether your foundation is poured concrete, concrete block, brick, stone or tile.

Your Cracked Foundation in Chicago is Dry but the Cracks are Widening

Hey, the basement is dry!  Great, but doesn’t it look like those cracks have gotten bigger since you first spotted them?  And aren’t there a few more of them?  This is starting to look like structural foundation damage and there’s no putting it off any longer.  But, once again, where do you turn for help?

Chicago Cracked Foundation

It’s structural, right, so you can call that general contractor!  Nope.  Again, a general contractor’s job is construction and, typically, they don’t even build foundations themselves, let alone repair them.  They might take a whack at it but is that really what you want?

OK, so it’s the basement waterproofing contractor, right?  Well, maybe.  Some basement waterproofing companies, typically the larger ones, may also do structural foundation repair.  However, a lot of basement waterproofing companies are small, maybe one- or two-person businesses, and they may do only seeping crack repair or drain tile.  Structural work is way beyond them.

Even some of the larger and more established basement waterproofing companies don’t do foundation repair because it requires a significant investment in training and equipment.  They may have neither the skilled personnel nor access to the engineering services required to plan and design a successful permanent repair.

So, who’s it going to be?  A foundation repair company or basement waterproofing contractor with a track record in structural foundation repair.  These experts will be able to diagnose the problem accurately and recommend the best, most cost-effective permanent repair that will stabilize your cracked foundation in Chicago.  They will have skilled installers who can handle carbon fiber or steel repairs to a cracked, bowed or tipped foundation wall and any other structural foundation repair your home needs.

At U.S. Waterproofing, structural foundation repair is, and has been, a big part of the services we provide to homeowners in Chicago.  Our trained advisors will inspect your foundation and make a timely recommendation of a cost-effective permanent repair, no matter how extensive the damage; our experienced installers will complete the repairs with a minimum of disruption.  Why not ask us for a free consultation?

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