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U.S. Waterproofing Blog Prepares for Takeoff !!

Jan 12, 2012 • By Matthew Stock.

U.S. Waterproofing Blog Prepares for Takeoff !!

My name is Matthew Stock.  Welcome aboard.  I will be your captain on this flight. 

U.S. Waterproofing is my family’s business.  I am the third generation owner and run the day to day operation with my father Jerry and partner Barry Schilling. 

Since 1957, we have waterproofed over 300,000 buildings.  We’ve seen everything imaginable when it comes to solving basement and seepage problems

There’s a good chance you might know someone who used or referred our services.  Perhaps you’ve seen our trucks on the street, or one of our TV or radio spots.  If you don’t know anything about us, you can learn more by visiting our “About Us“ page.

My goal with this blog is to use it as a tool to educate homeowners, architects, contractors, property managers, building engineers, home inspectors, realtors and anyone else hoping to tap into our knowledge base. 

We are very passionate about helping people and have strong core beliefs in doing things “the right way”.  At the same time, we understand there are many different opinions out there when it comes to solving a foundation related problem.  Sometimes there’s more than one right answer.  And often there are many wrong ones.  We will do our best to draw from our years of experience and hopefully get you pointed in the right direction. 

If you like what we have to say, we encourage sharing our links via email, blogs, websites, and social media. 

The seatbelt sign has been turned off.  You’re now free to move around the cabin. 


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