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Chicago Basement Waterproofing – Exterior Waterproofing Membrane

Chicago Basement Waterproofing – Exterior Waterproofing Membrane

Oct 22, 2012 • By Matthew Stock.

Many Chicago homeowners, when faced with water seepage through their basement walls, think that smearing something on the inside of the wall is the best way to stop it. There is no shortage of products on the market for this purpose – “waterproofing” paint, hydraulic cement, even rubbery gunk...

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Foundation Waterproofing Basics: Exterior Drain Tile

Foundation Waterproofing Basics: Exterior Drain Tile

Sep 12, 2012 • By Matthew Stock.

Whereas interior drain tile is sort of the jack-of-all-trades of the basement waterproofing business, exterior drain tile does one thing and does it extremely well – intercepts and drains away ground water before it can get into your basement. As part of a system of “positive side” waterproofing, exterior drain...

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Basement Waterproofing Methods in New Home Construction

Basement Waterproofing Methods in New Home Construction

Jul 16, 2012 • By Matthew Stock.

Most of the time, this blog is about basement waterproofing “after the fact” — water problems and waterproofing solutions in existing homes. The other night while watching TV I was reminded that the smart homebuilder (or the even smarter homebuyer) can ensure freedom from basement seepage problems by thinking ahead and...

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