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Structural Foundation Repair: Who Can Fix my Damaged Foundation?

Aug 9, 2013 • By Matthew Stock.


You’ve noticed some odd things happening inside your house lately – windows are hard to open, doors are sticking, cracks are appearing drywall.

Outside, too, things don’t seem right.  There seems to be some cracking in the brick on the front of the house and it looks like the trim is coming off around the windows in the back.

You’re not sure what it is but you know it isn’t good.  Your neighbor recommends that you have an engineer look at your house so you call one in and he gives you the bad news – you have structural damage to your foundation.  Not only that but he tells you not to waste time in having it repaired because the worse it gets, the more the repairs will cost.

You’re convinced he’s right but, in the immortal words from Ghostbusters, “who you gonna call?”

Who’s the Right Person to Repair your Foundation?

There are a few possibilities that may pop into your head but most will be the wrong choice:

General Contractor – So you know this guy because he built a house for your brother-in-law; he did a good job so he can fix a foundation, right?  Well, maybe…but probably not.  General contractors are construction generalists who take charge of a building project and hire sub-contractors to do the specialized work – electrical, plumbing, flooring…and foundations.  You could hire him to hire a sub-contractor but that makes things unnecessarily complicated.  Besides, if GC’s got it right the first time, there’d be no need for basement waterproofing and foundation repair contractors.

Masonry Contractor – Masons build walls and work with brick and stone and stuff, right?  They can fix a foundation.  Not really.  Most foundation repairs require stabilization techniques that have nothing to do with masonry and everything to do with specialized techniques and materials.  Even replacing a foundation wall requires engineering that is beyond even the most skilled masons.

Handyman – How about Al?  He built our front porch and installed a couple of light fixtures.  He has a truck with his name on it and a bunch of tools.  He can fix the foundation, can’t he?  In a word, no.  Al may be a great handyman but repairing structural foundation damage is way out of his league.  He would need tools and materials he probably doesn’t have access to, not to mention a fully trained crew to back him up.  Let Al stick to what he knows best.

Basement Waterproofing Contractor – Yes, but be picky.  First of all, not all basement waterproofing companies do foundation repair because of the training and investment involved.  Some others only do very basic work and may sub-contract the rest.  If you choose a basement waterproofing company to work on your foundation, choose one that has an established foundation repair division with a track record of success.

Foundation Repair Contractor – Now you’re getting somewhere.  Foundation specialists know foundations – how to construct them and how to repair them.  They have the tools and materials necessary to fix your foundation correctly and permanently and they know the latest repair techniques that will get the job done quickly and cost-effectively.

U.S. Waterproofing, for example, is not only a long-established basement waterproofing company but conducts a foundation repair business built on expertise and cutting-edge technology.  Our experts rely on engineering data to plan and execute repairs rather than the seat-of-the-pants approach taken by some companies.  We offer the same quality of work and do-the-right-thing way of doing business to our foundation repair customers that has enabled us to become one of the nation’s largest basement waterproofing companies and to compile a list of more than 300,000 satisfied customers.  Why not ask for a free consultation on your foundation problem?

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