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Structural Foundation Repair: Push Piers Repair a Dropped Foundation

Feb 17, 2014 • By Matthew Stock.

What to Expect from an Estimate to Repair your Sinking Foundation

Structural damage to the foundation is one of the worst problems a house can have, especially when the foundation has dropped or settled significantly.  This not only damages the foundation walls and causes cracks and stuck doors and windows in the aboveground structure but it destabilizes the entire home and places it in jeopardy.

When all or a portion of a foundation has dropped it can be repaired permanently and effectively with a system of steel hydraulic push piers.  The house will be raised back to level hydraulically and supported by the piers sitting on a load-bearing stratum underground.

There are other, older pier systems using concrete in various forms but steel hydraulic piers penetrate more deeply into the earth to ensure a stable base and allow for a more precise raising and leveling of the structure.

In the following brief video, we explain how a hydraulic pier system is installed and how it works to support and stabilize a home on a damaged foundation.

At U.S. Waterproofing, our foundation repair team uses engineering data and the latest technology to ensure that each foundation we repair is done right, on time and cost-effectively – and remains that way.  If your foundation is in trouble, please ask us for a free consultation.

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