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Structural Foundation Repair: Importance of Pier Spacing

Dec 23, 2013 • By Matthew Stock.

What to Expect from an Estimate to Repair your Sinking Foundation

When a home suffers serious structural damage to its foundation it can require a major repair job and, to be frank, a major price tag.

Unfortunately, some foundation repair contractors that may either lack the required engineering knowledge to design a proper repair or who may be more interested in making a sale than doing the repair properly will often “low-ball” the cost of underpinning a foundation that has dropped, settled or sunk.

Because the cost of such a repair is determined mainly by the number of piers that are required to underpin the house, these contractors may recommend fewer piers than the situation requires and offer a warranty that may cover only part of the job.

To learn how “under-repairing” a dropped foundation can be costly and dangerous in the long run, please watch the following brief video which explains the difference between a properly underpinned foundation and one that was done at a “bargain” price.

The foundation repair team at U.S. Waterproofing uses engineering data to specify and recommend the right scale of repair for a sunken foundation and our warranty covers not only our work but the overall result as well.  Please ask us for a free consultation if you have foundation problems.

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