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Battery Backup Sump Pump: BOSS 3000 Deluxe Sump System

BOSS Backup Sump Pumps Add Power, Features for Greater Performance

Aug 31, 2015 • By Matthew Stock.

When it comes to backup sump pumps, performance is everything. More horsepower, for example, means more gallons per hour moved and stronger vertical lift, both of which translate into a greatly decreased risk of a wet basement when a primary sump pump fails. Longer battery life, too, contributes to performance...

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How to Repair a Bowed Concrete Block Basement Wall

How to Straighten a Bowed Foundation Wall

Jul 20, 2015 • By Matthew Stock.

There are two main types of modern residential foundations – poured concrete and masonry. Both are strong and reliable but either can be subject to movement and damage caused by pressures in the soil outside them. When exterior pressures exert force on a poured concrete wall, the most common result...

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Tags: straighten bowed foundation wall, straighten bowed basement wall, repair bowed foundation wall

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