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How To Repair A Sinking Concrete Driveway

Nov 27, 2016 • By Matthew Stock with Mike Likvan.

Living in Chicagoland presents some challenges if you have a poured concrete driveway. With the soil being mainly clay and the extreme weather and temperature fluctuations, the ground around your property is constantly in a state of movement. In the wet seasons your soil swells, during dry times it...

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Tags: concrete raising, sinking driveway

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What Causes Foundations To Move?

Nov 1, 2016 • By Matthew Stock with Mike Likvan.

When your house foundation moves, it can cause everything from below ground seepage problems to cracks in the rooms above. That’s why foundation movement should not be ignored. The causes should be identified and addressed early, along with treating the symptoms. If this isn’t done, the movement can continue...

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Tags: structural foundation damage, foundation damage


Foundation Repair Estimates – 7 Things To Consider Before You Buy

Sep 9, 2016 • By Matthew Stock with Mike Likvan.

Foundation Repair Estimates – 7 Things To Consider Before You Buy When you notice signs of foundation damage, either cracks in your basement foundation walls, or doors and windows sticking upstairs, the next step you take is critical to the long-term health of your home and your wallet. Because foundation...

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Tags: structural foundation repair, home foundation repair, foundation repair, foundation repairs

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How Much Does A Backup Sump Pump Cost?

Aug 22, 2016 • By Matthew Stock with Mike Likvan.

We hear this question often from homeowners who are looking at their finished basements and realizing the risk of having a single mechanical sump pump to protect their belongings from flood damage. They know that as soon as their single pump, or the power it’s connected to stops, the...

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Tags: battery backup sump pumps


3 Problems with Mudjacking Concrete Sidewalks

Jul 11, 2016 • By Matthew Stock.

In previous articles we have discussed the three most common ways to repair sinking sidewalks in Chicago; concrete replacement, mudjacking and polyurethane concrete raising. While all three have their place in the home repair industry, mudjacking is the least expensive way to solve settling concrete sidewalks. As with most...

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Tags: mudjacking, concrete leveling, polyurethane concrete raising, slab jacking, settled concrete

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Sinking Concrete in Chicago, What Does It Cost to Fix?

Jun 13, 2016 • By Matthew Stock.

In previous articles we have discussed how much sinking concrete is in Chicago, the different ways to repair it, the differences in those methods, but many people want to know…how much does repairing sinking concrete in Chicago cost? The obvious answer is…it depends. Whether the concrete is being replaced, mudjacked...

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Tags: sinking sidewalk, sinking concrete, mudjacking, polyurethane concrete raising, settled concrete, sinking driveway, sinking patio

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Water From Downspouts - 5 Surprising Facts You Need To Know

Jun 3, 2016 • By Matthew Stock with Mike Likvan.

Gutters and downspouts play an important role in managing rain water around your house. When configured properly, they effectively direct roof water away from your home. When they are not, large amounts of water are allowed to dump next to your foundation causing seepage and even worse, foundation movement. In...

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Tags: foundation damage, extending downspouts underground

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