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Interior Drain Tile - Do You Really Need Drain Tiles Installed?

Feb 6, 2012 • By Matthew Stock.

Interior Drain Tile - Do You Really Need Drain Tiles Installed?

Interior Drain Tile is the Swiss army knife of basement waterproofing systems.  It can solve a wide range of basement seepage issues and also has specific applications.  But you heard it here first: not every home needs an inside drain tile system to fix their basement seepage problem.

For instance, let’s say you have a poured concrete foundation (chances are you do if your house is located in the Chicagoland area and built in the last 25 years).  Cracks in foundation walls are the most common source of seepage in poured concrete foundations.  They are easily sealed and don’t require an Interior Drain Tile System to solve the problem.  Beware of anyone who tells you crack sealing doesn’t work.  We have a few hundred thousand customers as proof.  What they are really telling you is they’re not interested in doing a small job. 

Let’s say your sump pump went out.  The logical thing would be to replace it.  I would also suggest adding a quality backup sump pump.  Believe or not, a contractor might tell you a new sump pump, along with an Interior Drain Tile System, will get rid of the problem.  Sure that would work, just like a new car with four new tires would fix a flat tire.

Perhaps you have a clogged window well drain.  A custom window well cover might help if the drain was clogging due to debris.  If the clog is located deeper underground, it can be hard to fix.  Rodding is usually unsuccessful in the long run, as there’s nothing stopping the problem from recurring.  So what would an Interior Drain Tile system do for you?  Well…you can drain the water from the window down into the system, which then transports the water into a sump pump.  But we have a simpler and more economical solution for window well problems.  And it doesn’t require installing Drain Tile.

So what is an Interior Drain Tile System used for?  First, its primary purpose is to relieve hydrostatic pressure from beneath the floor.  Second, in lieu of an exterior waterproofing system, it is used to capture water as it travels down the foundation walls when installed in conjunction with our DryLiner Wall Encapsulation System.  Lastly, it’s a great insurance policy if you plan to finish your basement. 

Rest assured we will always take the conservative approach, and never put the almighty dollar ahead of what’s right for the customer. 

Wonder if Interior Drain Tile is right for you?  Give us a call or pose your question below.  We’ll get you steered in the right direction.

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