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How to Repair Wet Basements in Arlington Heights

Jan 22, 2013 • By Matthew Stock.

How to Repair Wet Basements in Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights is a very diverse community when it comes to housing.  Some of its 75,000 residents live in historic homes dating back to the 19th Century when the town was founded; others in modern homes built in the 21st.  There are ranches, split levels, colonials, Arts & Crafts – homes of every style and size.

With that wide range of home styles comes a wide range of basements and foundations, sometimes no basements at all.  There are foundations made of stone, brick, concrete block and poured concrete.  There are full basements, partial basements, crawl spaces and slabs.

A basement waterproofing contractor needs a full set of tools to help homeowners in Arlington Heights keep their basements dry.

Fixing Wet Basements in Arlington Heights Requires Expertise and Experience

A basement waterproofing contractor working in Arlington Heights will encounter lots of uncommon situations so homeowners must choose carefully when selecting a company to repair their wet basement.

Masonry Foundations - Older homes in the area may have foundations made of brick or stone, common in the era when the homes were built.  Most of these foundations will not have modern spread footings but will have foundation walls that thicken at the base to support the structure.  Keeping this kind of basement dry will generally require “positive-side” waterproofing done from the exterior that prevents water from even entering the space between the brick or stone.  This is most often accomplished by applying an exterior waterproofing membrane that seals the foundation wall.  If interior or exterior drain tile is to be used, the installer must know how to position it because the normal footings that guide its placement are absent.

Concrete Block Foundations - Exterior waterproofing membrane is also a good approach for concrete block foundation walls that can be found in Arlington Heights.  With concrete block, water can not only seep through damaged or deteriorating mortar joints but, because the block itself is porous, water may seep directly through it.  The best approach with a concrete block foundation is to install exterior waterproofing membrane covered by a semi-rigid drainage board that channels water down to exterior drain tile.  This combination will assure homeowners that their concrete block basement will stay dry and usable.

Poured Concrete Foundations - Poured concrete foundations, common to most of the homes in Arlington Heights, offer several options for repair, depending on the sources of seepage.  Poured concrete foundation walls can often suffer leaking non-structural cracks, caused by lateral pressure from over-saturated soil.  These cracks can be repaired permanently from the inside by injecting expanding urethane foam or from the outside by applying sodium bentonite clay.  If there is cove joint seepage or seepage through cracks in the floor, interior drain tile will relieve the hydrostatic pressure that causes these leaks and carry the water off to a sump pump.

Crawl Spaces - Crawl spaces are also common, particularly in split-level homes, and can be waterproofed in the same manner as full-height basements, depending on how they’re constructed.  Additionally, crawlspaces can be kept dry by covering dirt floors with a vapor barrier and a poured concrete floor or the entire crawl space can be encapsulated.  Encapsulation is done by installing a heavy-duty semi-rigid sheet on the floor and foundation walls, all the way to the top.  Once the seams are sealed, the crawl space is completely dry and bright and can be safely used for storage without worrying about water damage to stored items.

Obviously, the variety of foundations and basements means that basement waterproofing can take many shapes and forms in Arlington Heights and that it makes sense to choose a basement waterproofing contractor who has “been there, done that.”  At U.S. Waterproofing, we’ve been helping homeowners in Arlington Heights for many of the more than 57 years we’ve been in business and you can get an idea here just how many we’ve worked with.  So, doesn’t make sense to ask for our free advice when you need basement waterproofing help?

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