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How to Find The Best Waterproofing Company

Mar 13, 2017 • By Matthew Stock with Mike Likvan.

If you have water coming into your basement, the time to take action is now. Ignoring the water will only complicate cleanup and repairs. To deal with the water, you’ll want to find the best basement waterproofing company so you don’t have the nightmare of fixing it more than once. But how do you find that best company?

Searching for the right company can be an exercise in frustration.  Each waterproofing company has a different method and each swears theirs is best.  Plus every company is handing out lifetime warranties, even those who are one step away from closing. So who can you trust?

5 Things To Help You Locate The Best Company

Years in Business
Look for companies who’ve been around for 15+years.  Being in the business for 60 years we’ve seen waterproofing companies come and go.  Longevity and stability are important characteristics to look for in a company who promises to support you after they’ve completed their work.  Check how long the company has been in business and read reviews to see their track record for supporting their customers.

Check Reviews
Investigate the reviews of the companies you are considering to hear the kinds of experiences customers have had.  Typically people who are vocal about their experiences tend to be vocal because they want to gripe.  Happy customers usually don’t take the time to write a compliment because their problems are gone and they are on with their life.  Keep that in mind when looking at company reviews on Yelp, Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List.

One Stop Shop
You want a company who offers all the skills needed to do your project from start to finish. Some waterproofing companies will fix your cracks provided you hire someone else to open up the wall or move framing, drywall or plumbing out of the way.  Some companies will move some things out of the way to do the repair, but leave you with the task of putting everything back together. Doing a complete repair requires properly preparing the basement for the project, and anything that’s opened up or moved should be put back before they call the job finished.  Look for a company that provides these services along with their repairs.

Warranty Work
Every reputable company services what they sell. (Even Rolls Royce offers a warranty). So ask about warranties offered by companies but don’t be distracted by them.  Remember, mediocre companies use spectacular sounding warranties as a marketing ploy to make you think their products are better than the rest.  The best rule when buying products and services is to do your research and purchase a product as if had no warranty.  Then you will shop quality versus warranties.

Customer References
A great way to find the best basement waterproofing company is to speak to their customers.  Any well established business should be able to provide you with a healthy list of people in your neighborhood who have used them in the past.   If they are honest, they will give you a list of all those customers and not just the 5 star ones they’ve separated out.  They should also be able to give you customers whose projects are like the one you’re considering. You can ask about the company when you talk to these people and learn about their experiences when they had the company do a project similar to yours. 

Take the time to do these 5 things and your chances of finding the best basement waterproofing company will be greatly improved.  We’ve been in business for over half a century, have lots of online reviews, can handle your project from beginning to end, service what we sell and can provide you with names of your neighbors who’ve used us to do the same work you need done.   When you start your search for the right company, we encourage you to give us a call.

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