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How to Choose the Best Basement Waterproofing Systems in Chicago

Oct 14, 2013 • By Matthew Stock.

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Homeowners in Chicago are fortunate, in a way, because in a major city there is a wide variety of home improvement and repair contractors to choose from when work needs to be done.

There are, for example, hundreds of painters and decorators available when the living room needs a new color or the shutters are starting to peel.

Plumbers and electricians by the score stand ready to help when the bathroom sink is clogged or a breaker needs to be replaced.

And, of course, there are the basement waterproofing contractors, each offering their own system for putting an end to those leaky walls and floors.  But, which basement waterproofing system is the best and how does a Chicago homeowner make an informed choice?

Choosing the Best Basement Waterproofing Systems in Chicago

Choosing the best basement waterproofing system for a given home begins not with the solution but with the problem.  There are a number of ways that water can enter a basement and recognizing and understanding the differences is a key to correcting or preventing them.  A puddle on the floor might have its source in a crack in the wall or floor, the space between the wall and the floor (called the cove joint) or porous concrete or masonry units in the walls.  Each has a different remedy and a competent basement waterproofing contractor will be able to recommend a system for any or all.

Logically then, the first step in choosing the best basement waterproofing system is finding a contractor that offers a full range of materials and solutions, not one who specializes in just one type of repair.  In the waterproofing business there are companies, generally small ones, that offer only crack repair or that specialize in some sort of interior floor-level drainage systems.  They may be quite competent in their limited scope of solutions but it stands to reason that a company that offers only one service is likely to try to convince the homeowner that their service is what’s required.

When the contractor’s representative comes to the home to assess the problem, the homeowner should be sure that he or she conducts a thorough inspection and not just a cursory look-see.  If a contractor recommends a basement waterproofing system based on just sticking his or her head in the basement, that’s a sure sign that homeowner is being sold instead of advised.

The Chicago homeowner should also be sure that he or she chooses a basement waterproofing system based on a full explanation of the work involved and the expected result.  The better the homeowner understands both the problem and the solution, the more confidence her or she will have that the recommended system is the best for their home.  A confident and capable contractor will offer a complete picture and do their best to set the homeowner’s expectations for the basement waterproofing system in their home.

Finally a Chicago homeowner faced with choosing a basement waterproofing system should make sure that end result is a permanent, maintenance-free repair that won’t require call-backs and re-work in the future.  The great thing about most basement waterproofing systems is that once they’re done they’re permanent and should provide the homeowner with peace of mind.  However, some companies still adhere to old-fashioned methods like filling non-structural wall cracks with epoxy, which is subject to re-cracking under minor foundation movement.

Choosing a basement waterproofing system for your home may end up being a crucial choice as it can affect the future of your home and your quality of life in it.  At U.S. Waterproofing, we know just how important that choice can be and we offer the best advice and most complete appraisal of the situation possible to help make that decision easier, just as we’ve done for more than 300,000 Chicagoans since 1957.  Please ask for our free advice.

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