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Eight Questions Basement Waterproofing Companies Should Ask

Sep 10, 2012 • By Matthew Stock with Ben Shachter.

Eight Questions Basement Waterproofing Companies Should Ask

You’ve finally gotten tired of having water in your basement every time it rains so you’ve called some basement waterproofing companies.  We’ve talked about questions you should ask and things you should look for but what is the basement advisor going to ask you?

Here are 8 Questions Basement Waterproofing Companies Should Ask:

  1. How Long Have You Lived in your Home?  This isn’t just idle conversation.  The advisor really wants to know this to understand your history with the home.  If you’ve lived there for 20 years, your recollection of basement water problems will likely be very thorough.  If you moved in last month, he’ll be aware that the latest water problem could have been the first.
  2. How Often Have You had Water Problems?  Is this the first time?  First time this year?  Another in a series of problems that dates back ten years?  Does it happen every time it rains? This information will make it easier to find the source of the seepage.
  3. Where do You Find Water on the Floor?  This one is fairly obvious but it pays to be prepared, maybe even take some pictures.  The water on the floor may not be directly related to the source of the seepage but, chances are, it’ll be close.  This information will help the advisor track down the ultimate source.
  4. How Much Water do You Get?  Is it covering your entire floor or just creating a wet spot next to the wall – or is it somewhere in between?  This will also help determine the source – a small wet spot might emanate from a floor crack, the cove joint or a wall crack.  A larger puddle might be the result of a flooded window well or a failed sump pump.
  5. Have You Made any Major Changes to Your Home Lately?  Have you had a sewer line installed or repaired?  Done major landscaping around the home?  Put on an addition or built a deck or patio?  Any of these things can create a seepage problem and the advisor will need to know to recommend the best solution.
  6. What are Your Plans for the Basement?  Are you planning on finishing the basement into a family room or man cave?  Thinking about putting in a workshop?  Going to leave it unfinished and use it for storage?  Your plans for the space will help determine the extent of repairs that may be necessary.  If you’re going to remodel, an interior drain tile system with vapor barriers for the walls is probably a good idea but may be overkill if you’re just going to store boxes and lawn furniture.
  7. Are You Planning any Major Landscaping or Other Outside Improvements?  Are you going to put in planting beds around the house?  Planning a paver patio, wooden deck or retaining wall?  A pool?  New driveway?  Any of these things can and will affect yard drainage and will require proper water management to avoid creating a seepage problem in your basement.
  8. How Much Time Do You Spend Maintaining Your Home?  Do you clean your gutters regularly?  Mow your own lawn and maintain your own landscaping?  Nobody’s judging you on your answers but it’s important to know whether you lean toward a DIY or maintenance-free lifestyle because some seepage fixes require regular attention and others can be safely left to work on their own.

Is There Anything Else I Should Do?

In addition to being prepared to answer these questions, it’s a good idea to be ready in a few other areas as well:

Since the advisor will likely want to conduct a hose test around your foundation, have the garden hose available. 

Clear the area in your basement around the seepage.  Even the most dedicated waterproofing expert shouldn’t have to move boxes and furniture to investigate the problem.

Don’t start tearing your basement apart.  First of all, it may not be necessary to remove drywall or carpet or anything else; wait until you hear the advisor’s recommendation.  Also, signs of water damage may help trace the source of the seepage.

The professional basement advisors at U.S. Waterproofing always conduct a thorough investigation of water problems for every homeowner they meet.  If your basement waterproofing company isn’t asking you the right questions, maybe you should ask for our free advice before you sign on the dotted line.

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