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Drain Tile Solves Basement Water Problems in Elmhurst, IL 60216

Jul 29, 2015 • By Matthew Stock.

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Elmhurst IL is a near Western suburb of Chicago with a population of approximately 45,000; the city is split between Cook and DuPage counties.

Formerly known as Cottage Hill, the city took the name Elmhurst in 1869 and was incorporated in 1882.  The city is home to Elmhurst College, which was founded in 1871 as a German seminary and today is a religiously affiliated private college with approximately 3,500 students.

Like many residential suburbs around Chicago, Elmhurst dates its most significant development to the period following World War II when returning service members and a booming economy led a movement from the cities to newly established communities in the suburbs.

Today,  Elmhurst has more than 16,000 homes; more than half of these homes are 50 years old or older.  Of course, this means that many Elmhurst homeowners are dealing with the maintenance and repair issues that go hand-in-hand with older homes and many of them are discovering basement water problems.

Although each home and its problems are unique, one repair method has solved basement water problems for many Elmhurst homeowners – drain tile.

Drain Tile: the Solution for Basement Water Problems in Elmhurst

Basements in Elmhurst experience seepage mostly because of water under pressure in the soil surrounding or below the foundation of the home.  Installing drain tile relieves this pressure and eliminates seepage.

Drain tile can be installed on either the interior or exterior of the basement.

Interior drain tile is recommended when water enters the basement through the cove joint between walls and floor or through cracks in the concrete floor.  Hydrostatic pressure under the foundation is forcing water into the basement and interior drain tile will alleviate that pressure and remove the water.

A strip of concrete floor around the perimeter is removed to begin the installation of interior drain tile, followed by digging out soil down to the base of the footings.  A bed of washed gravel is created at the bottom of the trench and leveled.

Drain tile, which is actually corrugated, perforated plastic pipe, is covered in a sock of filtration fabric, laid on top of the gravel and connected at both ends to a sump basin.  The pipe is covered in more washed gravel and the concrete floor is replaced.

Drain tile relieves hydrostatic pressure by allowing the water to flow into the open space and then carrying it off to a sump pump for discharge from the home.  Interior drain tile should be maintenance-free.

The seepage problems that indicate exterior drain tile include water seeping through the wall, either through bad mortar joints or porous concrete, and water coming in over the top of the foundation wall.  Exterior drain tile is typically installed along with an exterior waterproofing membrane, an impervious coating applied to the outside of a foundation wall to keep water out.

The process of installing exterior drain tile is similar to putting in the interior version.  Applying the waterproofing membrane has already created an excavation down to the footings and the bottom of this excavation is covered in washed gravel. 

Exterior drain tile requires pipe that is better suited to withstanding soil movement, so rigid PVC is covered in a filter sock and installed on the gravel bed and connected to a sump basin.  The pipe is covered with gravel and the excavation is backfilled.

Regardless of the location, when drain tile has been installed water that had been seeping into the basement is diverted to a sump pump and the basement stays dry.

For many Elmhurst homeowners, basement water problems can be solved by installing drain tile and he or she will need the advice and services of an experienced basement waterproofing contractor.  At U.S. Waterproofing, we’ve been helping homeowners around Chicagoland keep water out of their basements since 1957 and our technicians have installed miles of drain tile on both sides of the basement wall.  Why not ask for our free advice?

If you’d like to know more about how drain tile can solve basement water problems in your Elmhurst home, please post your questions in the Comments box below.

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