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Crown Point Basement Waterproofing: Beware Price Quotes on the Phone

Jan 10, 2013 • By Matthew Stock.

Crown Point Basement Waterproofing: Beware Price Quotes on the Phone


We’re all busy people.  The pace of the world has accelerated to the point that our everyday lives are just jam-packed and we try our best to save time wherever and whenever we can. 

Even so, there are certain things for which you just have to make time.  If you are experiencing seepage problems in your Crown Point basement, you have to take the time to find the right company with the right permanent solution to make the repairs.  Tempting though it may be, don’t expect a basement waterproofing contractor to quote you a price over phone and run, don’t walk, away from any one that does.

Why Crown Point Homeowners Can’t Rely on a Basement Waterproofing Quote Over the Phone

There are very few home repairs or improvements that can be reliably estimated over the phone (or via e-mail.)  Maybe a gutter installer that prices by the linear foot or a hardwood floor refinisher that charges by the square foot can come close, but be prepared for expensive surprises if you agree on something before they look at your home.

A conscientious company can’t possibly give you an basement waterproofing estimate without a thorough inspection.  Sure, any company that does crack injection can quote a price per crack, but the company you want to hire will have trained advisors that know the difference between a structural and non-structural crack or between a crack that leaks and one that doesn’t – and how to find them.

Here are a few other reasons you don’t want a basement waterproofing estimate over the phone:

Accurate Estimate Covers Everything – You may have spotted a small seepage problem in your basement, but a trained advisor will examine all potential sources of seepage and foundation damage in preparing your estimate.   What good does it do you to repair a crack in the North wall of your basement if there’s another one on the South wall that hasn’t started leaking – yet?  Or to replace your sump pump if the discharge pipe is too small to allow the pump to perform up to the necessary capacity?

Avoids “One Size Fits All” Repairs – There are companies in the basement waterproofing industry that “specialize” in one thing, typically drain tile or crack repair.  Both of these are legitimate approaches for the right problem but neither works if the problem stems from some other cause.  More than one homeowner has followed a recommendation to install a complete drain tile system when all he needed was to extend downspouts to keep them from over-saturating the soil next to the foundation and having the water seep right back in again.

Seepage Problem or Structural Problem?Cracks in poured concrete foundation walls are pretty common but it takes a real expert to tell the difference between a minor crack that may seep water and one that indicates a threat to your home’s foundation.  If you sign on for a crack repair over the phone, squirting some epoxy into a structural crack won’t accomplish anything, except for creating a false sense of security and setting you up for very costly repairs later.

So, when it comes to getting an accurate estimate for basement waterproofing, the best advice for homeowners in Crown Point is “take your time.”  Make sure the basement waterproofing company you ultimately choose has thoroughly inspected your basement and the exterior of your home before they try to tell you what repairs you need.

At U.S. Waterproofing, we have helped many homeowners in Crown Point and other towns in NW Indiana to make their basements dry and safe for their families.  Our experts are fully trained in spotting and diagnosing seepage and structural problems and we make use of a full arsenal of technology to stop leaks, manage water around your foundation and restore and maintain your home’s structural integrity.  Why not ask for our free advice?

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