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BOSS Backup Sump Pumps Add Power, Features for Greater Performance

Aug 31, 2015 • By Matthew Stock.

Battery Backup Sump Pump: BOSS 3000 Deluxe Sump System

When it comes to backup sump pumps, performance is everything.  More horsepower, for example, means more gallons per hour moved and stronger vertical lift, both of which translate into a greatly decreased risk of a wet basement when a primary sump pump fails.

Longer battery life, too, contributes to performance by ensuring the backup pump will run longer.  This is particularly important in the event of something as serious as a widespread power failure or as simple as the homeowner being away for the weekend.

There are lots of backup sump pump systems available, both in retail stores and through basement waterproofing professionals but the BOSS system has always been one of the best and now it has gotten even better, adding power and features to achieve even greater performance.

Let’s take a look.

New BOSS Backup Sump Pumps Deliver Maximum Performance

There are three top-performing backup sump pumps in the BOSS line.

The BOSS 2100 sets the standard for battery-powered backup sump pump systems.  Powered by a maintenance-free battery, the BOSS 2100, true to its name, will move 2100 gallons of water per hour.  This ensures a dry basement during even the worst of summer thunderstorms.

For longer-lasting protection, the BOSS 2100 can be installed with dual batteries.

The new BOSS 3100 backup sump pump system raises the bar for the sump pump industry in pumping capacity, moving 52 gallons of water per minute (3100 per hour) out of a basement at a 10-foot height.  Battery power for the BOSS 3100 comes from either the standard 80-amp battery that will keep the basement dry through a 24-hour power outage, a 120-amp upgrade that will power the pump for 36 hours or a dual-battery system with two 120-amp batteries for three days of protection!

Battery status can be monitored through an easy-to-read digital display.

Along with its powerful battery, the BOSS 3100 also runs off household current, ensuring a dry basement not only during power failures but in the event of a mechanical failure of the primary sump pump.  This dual power source means that a homeowner who installs a BOSS 3100 can count on its performance, even during extended absences.

For the ultimate in protection, the BOSS 4000 Deluxe is the 600-lb. gorilla of backup sump pump systems.  It moves an incredible 4000 gallons of water per hour and serves as a complete sump pump system for the home.  Its dual pumps alternate in serving as the primary sump pump powered by household current and switch to the dual 80-amp batteries during a power outage.  Should one of the two pumps experience mechanical failure, the other takes over, using the appropriate power source as directed by the BOSS 4000 Deluxe’s digital power supply.

The BOSS 4000 Deluxe is installed with an oversize (24 inch diameter) sump basin. This means that the pumps run less frequently, saving power and wear-and-tear, while still moving more water with each cycle.

Finally, the BOSS 4000 Deluxe features a high-water alarm that can be connected to a home security monitoring system, adding additional protection for the basement.

The brief video below sums up how the BOSS line of backup sump pump systems will protect your home.

At U.S. Waterproofing, we have installed thousands of sump pumps, both primary and backup, in our 58 years of keeping basements dry around Chicagoland.  As one of the country’s oldest and largest basement waterproofing companies, we have our pick of systems to install and we chose the BOSS 2100, 3100 and 4000 Deluxe because we believe they’re the best.  Why not let us show you why.

Want to know more about the BOSS line of backup sump pumps?  Please post your questions in the Comments box below.

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