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Basement Waterproofing - Frequently Asked Questions

Nov 13, 2012 • By Matthew Stock.

Basement Waterproofing - Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been in the basement waterproofing business for a long time and I’ve been in thousands of homes and talked to thousands of customers who were concerned about their basements and often about the structural integrity of their homes.

As I’m sure you can imagine, those homeowners asked a lot of questions and I thought the answers to those asked most often might be helpful for others facing basement water problems or structural foundation damage.

What Do Most Homeowners Ask Basement Waterproofing Companies?

How Much is This Going to Cost?  Everyone asks this question and there’s no simple answer because the cost will depend on the individual situation.  If you have a seeping crack in a concrete foundation wall, it can be permanently repaired for a few hundred dollars.  If you need interior drain tile, the cost will be several thousand, depending on how much is needed.  If you need structural foundation repair, it can run from a few thousand dollars to a sizeable amount…but it beats having your foundation crumble.

Can’t You Just Caulk/Patch/Paint?  Any responsible basement waterproofing company will propose no more work than is necessary and will look for the most cost-effective solution.  However, don’t trust a company who wants to slap on something they bought at Ace Hardware.  Caulking, patching with hydraulic cement and so-called waterproofing paints don’t work – that’s why professional waterproofers don’t use them.

Can I Do the Work Myself?  Maybe.  If you’re a skilled do-it-yourselfer, you could probably install a sump pump or even put in an underground downspout extension.  But, you won’t have access to professional grade materials and waterproofing can be hard physical work, especially when the digging starts.  More advanced repairs, like installing drain tile and injecting cracks, are usually beyond DIY and structural repairs are strictly for professionals.

How Do I Know Your Company is Reputable?  Check us (or any other basement waterproofing company) out online.  There are loads of review sites, like Yelp and Angie’s List, that carry reviews by previous customers.  Check with the Better Business Bureau; look for “Accredited” companies with high grades.  Get a competitive quote if you want; just make sure that when you compare them you know exactly what each company is proposing to do to solve your problem.

What Happens if I Don’t Fix Basement Water Problems?  Good question.  If you have a finished basement is finished, your remodel job is at risk from water damage.  Finished or not, your basement will be damp and the resulting higher humidity can spread throughout your home.  Introduce water into the presence of organic materials like wood, drywall, carpet, furniture, etc., and you’ve created a perfect environment for mold, which can lead to damage to your home and illness for you and your family.

How Long is All This Going to Take?  Again, it depends on the size of the problem.  If you have a few seeping cracks in your walls, they can be permanently repaired in a day.  Need interior drain tile around your whole basement?  That’ll usually take two or three days.  New sump pump?  Hours.  The estimate from the basement waterproofing company should be very specific as to the time involved.

This is just a handful of the questions most homeowners ask.  We’ll revisit our Frequently Asked Questions from time to time but the experts at U.S. Waterproofing are available around the clock to answer your questions so, why wait?  Schedule a free consultation at your convenience.

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