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3 Ways to Do Basement Waterproofing in Northbrook, IL 60062

Oct 2, 2013 • By Matthew Stock.

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Northbrook, IL, although not situated on the lakeshore, is considered one of Chicago’s North Shore suburbs with more in common with lakefront communities like Wilmette and Winnetka than with suburbs farther inland.

Indeed, a quick glance at Northbrook’s demographics justifies the village’s inclusion in the North Shore.  For example, both the median value of a Northbrook home of just under $500,000 and median income among village families, just over $100,000, place the community squarely in the upscale area.

Other demographics are just interesting.  If you live in Northbrook you’re probably married and the beneficiary of a college education; both statistics apply to approximately two-thirds of the adult population.  If you’re employed, you probably drive yourself to work in sales or as an executive or a lawyer; those occupations make up 30% of the employed population.

Not surprising for a classic “bedroom suburb,” an overwhelming percentage of Northbrook residents are homeowners and, considering that the village grew most during the postwar housing boom, it’s not surprising that more than two-thirds of the homes in Northbrook are at least 35 years old.

Of course, like older homes everywhere, those in Northbrook are experiencing the maintenance problems that come with age and many homes there are in need of basement waterproofing.

How to Do Basement Waterproofing in Northbrook

Of course, every home in Northbrook is treated individually but there are 3 ways to do basement waterproofing that apply in most circumstances.

Crack Repair – The most prevalent type of foundation in Northbrook homes, as it is in most of the Chicago area, is one of poured concrete and the most common source of seepage in this type of foundation is a non-structural crack in the wall.  The best way to stop this seepage is by injecting the crack with expanding polyurethane from the interior.  The polyurethane fills and seals the crack to the outside soil and remains flexible when cured so that minor foundation damage doesn’t cause the crack to re-open.

If the crack is inaccessible on the inside, it can be repaired on the exterior with sodium bentonite clay.  A small hole next to the foundation at the site of the crack is filled with the bentonite clay and it forms a pliable, permanent barrier against water.

Interior Drain Tile – Another common source of seepage is when water is forced by hydrostatic pressure through cracks in the basement floor or the cove joint.  Installing interior drain tile, a versatile basement waterproofing technique, alleviates the pressure and carries the water to a sump pump for disposal.  Interior drain tile is perforated pipe buried in a bed of washed stone under the basement floor that requires no maintenance when properly installed.

Exterior Waterproofing – Seepage in a concrete foundation can also occur through patches of porous concrete or over the top of the foundation wall; in a masonry wall it happens through mortar joints or porous masonry.  The best way to stop this seepage is by applying an exterior waterproofing membrane, a thick coat of asphalt-modified polyurethane that, when troweled onto the wall, creates a permanent barrier against seepage on the “positive side” of the foundation.

When a large amount of ground water is present, the membrane can be augmented by installing exterior drain tile and heavy-duty drainage board that protects the membrane and channels water downward.

Regardless of the appropriate method, a Northbrook homeowner with seepage problems needs the help of a professional basement waterproofing contractor that knows the area and its homes.  At U.S. Waterproofing, we have waterproofed more than 300,000 homes in the Chicago area since 1957 and have already helped hundreds of Northbrook homeowners with their basement waterproofing needs.  Why not ask for our free advice?

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