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How to Proceed

We appreciate your business and vote of confidence! Below are instructions so we get get your project underway:

  1. Make sure your contact information is correct and complete. If not, please make corrections on the estimate and initial those changes (this section is indicated by ‘A’ on the diagram below).
  2. Decide what method you want to use to pay the deposit. We will accept a check or credit card. DO NOT SEND CASH.

    If you are using a check:

    • Make out the check to U.S. Waterproofingfor the amount specified in the deposit area of the estimate. (indicated by ‘F’ on the diagram below)
    • Write the check number in the payment area of the estimate (indicated by ‘J’ on the diagram below)

    If you are using a credit card:

    • Write the credit card number, expiration date and 3 digit security code in the payment area of the estimate (indicated by ‘J’ on the diagram below)
    • NOTE: The credit card only covers the deposit. If you want the balance to also go on that same credit card, initial the line below the credit card number right after the statement, ‘Customer authorized balance to be applied to above credit card upon completion’
  3. Initial that you’ve read the warranty information (indicated by ‘I’ on the diagram below).
  4. Sign the bottom of the contract and date it (indicated by ‘K’ and ‘L’ on the diagram below).
  5. Send the signed contract with your deposit (check or credit card information) to:

    U.S. Waterproofing
    5650 Meadowbrook
    Rolling Meadows, IL 60008


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