What Are the Signs of Foundation Problems?

Most houses will undergo a slight amount of movement in their foundations.  Maybe it’s settling or minor shifting, but as long as it’s small, it may not be a big worry. 

As with all signs of foundation movement, the signs of minor settling or shifting will be above ground and will be seen on the interior of the home.  Most homeowners have seen small cracks in drywall (or more and more rarely, plaster) on the inside of their homes that indicate something has moved.  The will usually start at an upper corner of a door or window and radiate at an angle toward the ceiling, or they might start under a larger window and head in a more-or-less straight line toward the floor.

If these are the only signs of foundation movement you ever see, your home will be good as new with a few minor repairs.

However, there are other signs of foundation movement that may indicate more serious structural foundation damage that should be repaired.

Interior Signs of Foundation Settling

Exterior Signs of Structural Foundation Damage

Signs in the Basement of Foundation Sinking

If you see one of more of these signs, you likely have a problem with your foundation that will need repair.  At U.S. Waterproofing, we know foundations and can recommend the best and most cost-effective repair, whether it is to stop the infiltration of water or to shore up a sagging foundation under your home.  More than 300,000 customers have taken our advice since 1957 so why not ask for it, too.  It’s always free.

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