Install DryLiner Before Finishing Your Basement

Install DryLiner Before Finishing Your Basement

Many homeowners will agree finishing your basement is one of the best way to expand your family’s usable space in your home at the lowest price per square foot.  Most people are looking for that extra living room, Man Cave, home theater or even a bedroom.  It is much more cost effective to finish what you already have rather than going through the hassle of an addition or second floor.  What you don’t want is to invest all that time and hard earned money into a project just to have it ruined by not planning for the “What-Ifs” before finishing your basement.  What if the water heater leaks?  What if the sump pump stops working in a storm?  What if a problem develops in the wall after we finish it and can’t see the issue until it is too late?

There is a solution

Planning ahead is always key in a successful project.  Thinking about the “What Ifs” will help make sure you do a project one time.  At U.S Waterproofing, we will typically recommend installing an interior drain tile system to protect your finished basement by collecting water from under the floor in conjunction with our exclusive cove molding to direct water from cracks and over the top of the wall issues.  But, stopping there opens you to one more possibility in the future.  Sometimes, walls can develop new problems and when the water from outside is under pressure, it will actually squirt out the wall, past our cove molding.  This is where it is important to complete the drain tile project by installing our DryLiner Wall Encapsulation. 

Types of Foundations

There are three types of foundations typically found around the Chicagoland area: Poured concrete, Cement Block and Stone/Brick. 

DryLiner Wall Encapsulation System

Our DryLiner Wall Encapsulation System prevents these types of foundations from causing additional damage after finishing the basement.  DryLiner is installed by securing it to the top of the foundation, draping it over the wall and tucking it behind the cove molding.  A continuous path has now been created for water to reach the drain tile system.  Now the new framing, insulation and drywall are protected from the harmful effects of water and ambient moisture.

If you would like one of our professional advisors to evaluate your home and discuss the benefits of installing the DryLiner Encapsulation system before finishing your basement, call us at 1-800-US-WATER or make an appointment online now!

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