Battery Backup Sump Pump: BOSS 3000 AC/DC Back-up Sump System

Battery Backup Sump Pump: BOSS 3000 AC/DC Back-up Sump System


Our original video series covered all the basics of the primary sump pump; we’ve now begun a discussion of battery backup pumps.  Barry Schilling, sump pump expert, continues to educate homeowners and consumers about the importance of a functional sump pump system in the battle against basement water seepage.

So far, he has discussed how pedestal pumps differ from submersibles, why pumping capacity is important, why a solid float switch is generally more reliable than other options, why cast-iron sump pumps have an advantage over those made of other materials, the importance of a sump pump’s filtration system and why the Zoeller 98 and the StormProSHW 50 are the best primary sump pumps for normal and heavy water conditions, respectively.

And, in this new three-part series:

To continue the exploration of backup sump pumps, Barry explains that although a battery backup pump kicks in when the power fails, an AC/DC backup pump also protects the homeowner from a wet basement when the primary pump fails for other reasons – jams, failed switches or burnt-out motor.  He recommends the best dual-power backup system – the one he relies on in his own home.

The Best Dual-Power Backup Sump Pump – the Boss 3000

At U.S. Waterproofing, we‘ve installed tens of thousands of sump pumps (along with thousands of battery back-up pumps) since our founding in 1957.  If we can help you with your sump pump, or any other basement seepage problem, please ask for our advice.  It’s free.

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